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Kristin Lam Interiors

Client Testimonials

“Kristin was so good with the interior of our 3000sq' condo in California we hired her for our 5000sq' home in Las Vegas. Both projects came out great. She worked well with all contractors and everything was completed in a timely basis.When we purchase another home we would call on Kristin to design and complete the project.” ~ Joe Murphy
"Kristin has the amazing ability to foresee the outcome of a room she is designing or remodeling before it’s finished. Her talents go far beyond just color and design. She is dedicated to her work and can transform any style, any color scheme or any request or challenge into a beautiful professional masterpiece. She has worked on many rooms in my home and to this day I feel a sense of happiness when I walk into any of them. ”  ~ Mr and Mrs. Scott Blanchard

“We hired Kristin to do one room in our house. She was so creative and fun. Kristin didn’t come with any preconceived notions and made me feel like a partner. We were so happy with the results that we asked her to do the rest of the house. Kristin did a wonderful job. I wish she would move back to Atlanta!”  ~ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davis

“Kristin did an awesome job with our bathroom remodel. We could not have been happier with the results. She worked with us in organizing our ideas and really understood what we needed. Her ideas were creative and her solutions were innovative. She understands what will and won't work which saved enormous amounts of time, money and hand wringing. Kristin is an extremely effective project manager and stays on top of all details. She has earned our respect and trust and I am so thankful we had her to rely on.”   ~ Matt and Faye Cordero

“Kristin is such a genius! She helped me so much and I am so happy with my new home changes. Everything she said to do turned out beautiful”   -Kristin Metsch
“I have worked with Kristin for many years now and am always so impressed with both her creativity and professionalism She brings a wealth of experience to each project she does, guiding the client to an always amazing final result." ~ Ed Golich
“Kristin’s talent exceeds the majority of all other interior design that I have seen in the luxury home industry. Kristin’s attention to detail and ability to work with all homes big and small is showcased in every project. I highly recommend her for any interior design project with confidence as I know her clients are always more than satisfied." ~ Kelly Howard
“We work with many Interior designers in the San Diego area and in my opinion Kristin is at the very top. She has such a great eye for design and color and the ability to closely work with her clients, pulling together elements of what they like to incorporate them into a very cohesive,beautiful and unique design.” ~ Jeff Trout
“Kristin has done a beautiful job with the interior design work in our house. Every room is unique and special because of her. She has created a home that is so satisfying for us - we could never have done this without her. We also receive compliments all the time - a tribute to her talent!” ~ Janine Pack
"Kristin has a great insight for design, color and concept. She can transform a home by implimenting her vision and versility. I have worked with Kristin over the past six years and find her to be a delightful person with a desire to fulfill her clients' needs." ~ Wendy Haden

"Your home is a reflection of you. It nurtures and rejuvenates your soul.
Surround yourself with what you love and you will be surrounded by beauty."

~Kristin Lam